Robotics and automation services

The potential of robotics in your business improvement

Robotics solutions are based on business acceleration possibilities in your company. We show you how you can make use of robotics or software robotics, what is the investment, the benefits and the return of investment.

Talousprosessien automatisointi

Automation projects

Uniikki's automation projects are lead by robotics pioneers, dynamic network of professionals and innovative automation experts.

Our services cover

  • Achieving competitive advantage by use of robotics

  • Ubicot purchase invoices approval and payment

  • Automation of any other financial management process


Upcoming applications

  • Accounting automation

  • System integrations

  • Integration with invoices and financial management system

  • Machine learning solutions, for example Omavero-service reimbursement

  • Artificial intelligence solutions for cash flow forecasting


Robotics Workshop

Robotics overview 2019 for your business

  • Identify the possibilities

  • Benefit calculation

  • Next steps

Facilitated by robotics professional Veli-Matti Heiskanen

Who is Ubicot?


Several individuals within organizations may be involved in the approval and payment of purchase invoices.

Ubibot robot approves the purchase invoices and

97,9% of them is  correct.

Find out what is your saving and other benefits when Ubicot approves your purchase invoices.

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